Merrymount Homes for Sale

Within the historic City of Quincy, Massachusetts there are multiple charming communities, each with numerous amenities and impressive real estate options. The Quincy neighborhood known as Merrymount was originally home to a large Indian population before being acquired by the Adams family and becoming the site of Quincy’s first settlement. Merrymount is a beautiful area of rolling hills providing breathtaking views of the bays and marshlands in the area. This primarily residential community is one of the most popular neighborhoods among prospective homebuyers and has homes for sale in various price ranges, of differing sizes and architectural styles.

Merrymount is located between Quincy Center and Adams Shore. Bordered by Quincy Bay on the north, Quincy Center on the south, Adams Shore on the east and Black’s Creek on the west, Merrymount is home to the landmarks Mount Wollaston Cemetery and Merrymount Elementary 

School. Quincy has a number of other historical points of interest and museums that preserve its heritage. Known as the City of Presidents, Quincy attractions include the birthplaces of United States Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

In addition to the cultural and historical points of interest, Quincy has a number of recreational attractions as well. With 27 miles of coastline and 11 beaches, Quincy is a great place to fish, boat, ski and more. Merrymount in Quincy is a family-friendly community comprised primarily of single family homes. Students in Merrymount are served by the Quincy Public School district, a district comprised of 11 elementary, 5 middle and 2 high schools. With all these wonderful amenities, Merrymount in Quincy, Massachusetts is a great place to buy a home if you are looking to relocate in the Boston metro area.

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